On May 18th, the Bel Suono piano trio, will once again come to the beautiful capital of Georgia, Tbilisi. The trio will present their brand new album and a grand new program ‘Piano Magic Show’ for the first time on stage of the Tbilisi Concert Hall!

Three pianos on one stage, live band, and extravaganza of music and light! Six flying hands will bring live to the black and white piano keys and put on a true ‘Piano Magic Show’ with incredible visual effects and music. You will hear new, original music, as well as world-famous compositions with a unique Bel Suono twist, which include: Vivaldi and Strauss, Mozart and Grieg, Glinka and Tango from the Scent of a Woman film, Beethoven and Russian Kalinka!

This evening will feature the best and newest works by Bel Suono, as well as special surprises for our favorite Georgian listeners!

Do not miss the grand musical event in your city!

Welcome to the new era of fun classical music!

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  • 1.

    Performance with acoustic or digital pianos, if they are available.

  • 2.

    Performance accompanied by an orchestra, our band ( double-bass, drums, digital piano) or minus one music, depending on venue and task. All further questions can be discussed with the producer.

  • 3.

    If an event is held in Moscow or within 2000 km from it, in Russia, we bring our own digital pianos according to an agreement with organizers. The transportation is made via our car, but during unloading and assembling four movers are required.

  • 4.

    If there are three acoustic pianos at a place of a concert, all instruments must be in an excellent condition. Also, in case of emergency, a piano-tuner must be in constant attendance at a venue.