29 May  - Tel Aviv
30 May  - Haifa
31 May  - Beersheba
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Bel Suono performs in different formats:

1) Performance with acoustic or digital pianos, if they are available.

2) Performance accompanied by an orchestra, our band ( double-bass, drums, digital piano) or minus one music, depending on venue and task. All further questions can be discussed with the producer.

3) If an event is held in Moscow or within 2000 km from it, in Russia, we bring our own digital pianos according to an agreement with organizers. The transportation is made via our car, but during unloading and assembling four movers are required.

4) If there are three acoustic pianos at a place of a concert, all instruments must be in an excellent condition. Also, in case of emergency, a piano-tuner must be in constant attendance at a venue.

Technical rider:

Press release

The instrumental show Bel Suono (in Italian – «beautiful sound») - is a new word in the world of music!

Three incredibly professional, amazingly talented and unbelievably charming graduates of the best Russian music universities and winners of the national and international music contests madly in love with both classical and modern pieces of music is a brand-new genre of stage performance.

Bel Suono is the original mix of state-of-the-art technologies with the best pieces of the classical and modern music. The artists represent the genre of classic cross-over.

During the recent six years four successful albums «Megapolis», «Upgrade», «The Best» and «Passionate» were released. They include both the classic masterpieces interpreted by Bel Suono and the authors’ original compositions.

Bel Suono successfully performs all over the country. Some places have been already visited several times. In 2016 Bel Suono regularly performed in the most prestigious concert halls of Moscow – Svetlanov’s (Great) Hall of the Moscow International Performing Arts Center and the Great Con-cert Hall of the Moscow Conservatory named after P. Chaikovsky. The live shows turned out to be a real triumph. In November 2017 the Piano Magic Show conquered the stage of the Crocus City Hall – one of the biggest and most important halls in Moscow and Russia.

Within the recent two years Bel Suono has also successfully performed abroad in Germany, Mona-co, Malta and twice in Bulgaria. In 2017 it was warmly welcomed in Austria, Switzerland and in the United Arab Emirates. Israel, China and South-Eastern Europe countries are on the list for the 2018 tour.

The program introduces the new interpretations of the best classic pieces by Chaikovsky, Borodin, Ravel, Vivaldi, Saint-Seans, Bize, as well as the unbelievably deep and melodic original compositions «Megapolis», «Lonely Heart», «Reminiscence», «Safari» and others. The XX century world hits like Queen and ABBA will also become a pleasant surprise. And of course every time something new is added to the repertoire. The «Passionate» show is a concentration of passion, pro-fessionalism, temper and love. It is a wonderful journey from classic masterpieces to modern danc-ing rhythms!

Bel Suono regularly takes part in various important cultural events, including the Russian movie awards «Gold Eagle» (TV Russia 1), “Acknowledgement” award ceremony (TV channel 1), the Anniversary of TVC channel, concert in the memory of Muslim Magomayev, the Olympic Ball in Kremlin, the Russia’s Day on the Red Square, the Opening ceremony of the Moscow International Cinema Festival etc., as well as in the top TV shows in Russia.

Let three magnificent piano virtuosos take you on an unforgettable, awe-inspiring journey into a landscape of a fiercely dynamic fusion of modern pop and classical music masterpieces that keeps on enchanting audience after audience of all ages, showcasing world class caliber of astonishing vir-tuosity, musicianship, vibrant creativity and striking stage lighting spectacle!

Producer of Bel Suono

Leyla Fattakhova